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I wrote a survey of spectral graph sparsification techniques for Prof. Lap Chi Lau (CS 270). It follows the outline of an existing survey by Batson, but contains a few extra notes which help when the math gets tricky.

I completed a short survey of shape analysis techniques for Prof. Necula (CS 263). It isn't very deep, but it gives a rough idea of what is possible in the field.

I gave a talk on some storage-related topics for an undergrad theory group. Here are my notes.

I taught the Spring 2014 offering of Advanced Operating Systems with Prof. Kubiatowicz and Palmer Dabbelt.

I've done some work on automated loop diagonalization, a method of replacing linearizable loops with fast matrix operations. I published a complete implementation of the core algorithm for LLVM in 2012, and presented this work at the 2014 LLVM developer conference (slides).

I spent two years in University of Louisville's Bio-Imaging Lab (2009-2011). Some of our work was published;